Is Easy-Macro compatible with my smartphone?
Yes, Easy-Macro fits every smartphone on the market, guaranteed. From devices as small and thin as the iPhone 5S to 10” tablets, we’ve got you covered!
What’s included with Easy-Macro?
Easy-Macro comes with one lens band, a handy storage card for keeping it in your wallet, and a Tyvek sleeve to protect the lens from scratches while stored. You’ll also find a card with some basic instructions that will get you taking amazing macro shots in no time!
What is Easy-Macro made of?
Easy-Macro’s lens is made of acrylic glass and the band is a synthetic rubber. The materials were selected for the perfect combination of durability and flexibility. Silicone rubbers would be easier and cheaper to mold than the rubber we use, but we would not be able to offer a product that fits the iPod Touch as well as it fits a 10” tablet. Using an optical grade acrylic lens allowed us to mold a shape that would not be possible with a glass lens. This shape allows us to keep Easy-Macro incredibly thin and sleek.
Does Easy-Macro work with video?
Absolutely! Easy-Macro magnifies what your device sees optically, so any app that takes advantage of the camera will work with Easy-Macro.
Why does Easy-Macro cover my device’s flash?
Macro photography isn’t quite flash-friendly. For the best results, it is recommended that your device’s flash be turned off with ample ambient light available. Smartphone and tablet flashes are designed to illuminate wide scenes in the dark, so taking a photo so close up with the flash will result in a photo of a bright white light. Don’t worry, you can get some great shots without that flash.
How do I use Easy-Macro?
It’s as simple as can be! All you need to do is stretch the band over your device so that the lens is centered over your device’s camera. Either direction (long-ways or short-ways) is fine! With your favorite camera or video app running, move the lens veeeeery close to the subject you’d like to photograph or record and slowly back away until it is in focus. You’ll need to be within about an inch to focus, so don’t be afraid to really get in there! Some devices allow you to lock the focus. When you are at about the right distance, we recommend locking the focus so you can make fine adjustments by moving the phone without worrying about your device trying to re-focus right before you get the perfect shot.
Will Easy-Macro work with my case?
If your case allows you to take photos without removing it, you can use Easy-Macro over it. Whether your case is ultra-thin or extra beefy, Easy-Macro will work. Some other smartphone lens manufacturers claim it would be impossible to design a lens to work with “even a small portion” of the cases on the market. We beg to differ. You want to use your phone your way and we’re happy to let you.
Will Easy-Macro work with my favorite photo app?
Because Easy-Macro simply magnifies what your phone sees, any app that uses your phone’s camera can be used with Easy-Macro. Your Instagram followers will never believe the photos you’re getting with your phone!
When will my order arrive?
Orders placed through Easy-Macro.com ship in 1-2 business days and ship via USPS First Class Mail. Please see the table below for estimated delivery times to your location. Please note that while orders may arrive faster to international destinations, it has been our experience that some orders do take the full transit time. For the speediest delivery, please ensure that your shipping address is correct and complete.

Continental US 3 – 5 Business Days
Alaska and Hawaii 3 – 7 Business Days
US Protectorates 4 – 8 Business Days
(Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa) APO/FPO 18 – 32 Business Days
Canada 5 – 10 Business Days
Europe 10 – 20 Business Days
Asia 10 – 16 Business Days
Other Regions 10 – 20 Business Days
Need your Easy-Macro ASAP?
Want to track it’s progress as it makes the journey to your front door? We now offer both Priority and Expedited shipping at checkout. All orders are shipped via USPS services from the Eastern US. Please visit usps.com for more information on transit times to your location for Priority and Express Mail service.

These are the most commonly asked questions about Easy-Macro but if you have any others, feel free to contact us.