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What is Easy-Macro?

Easy Macro on an iPhone 6S

Easy-Macro is the simplest, most convenient and easiest to use macro lens available for smartphones. Its 4x magnification gives your phone's camera close-up powers that you never thought possible and its unique, patented design means that it will fit on any smartphone available today (and tomorrow!) with or without a case. It is also the only smartphone lens that stores in your wallet so you never leave it behind. If you take photos with your smartphone, you need an Easy-Macro!

Sleek and Simple. Designed for Convenience.

What makes Easy-Macro unique on the smartphone lens scene, is it’s ingeniously sleek and simple design. The best camera is the one that you have with you when inspiration strikes. Our little band is sleek enough to fit easily in your wallet so that it’s always handy when you need it. With our new Tyvek sleeve, your Easy-Macro will be protected from minor scuffs and scratches no matter how you choose to carry it with you.

3 Pack of Easy Macro Lenses

Key Facts:

  • Quick and easy macro photos with your mobile device!
  • Simple and fast to set up so you never miss a shot.
  • Anybody can master it.
  • Fits on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Incredible detail. It’s like super-powers for your phone!
  • Includes storage card and protective sleeve for your wallet or purse.
  • Hand-Assembled with care and individually tested to ensure the highest quality.

Easy-Macro Makes the Camera You Have Better.

If you’re like most smartphone owners, you take the majority of your photos with your phone. Smartphones make great portable cameras and work pretty well in most situations. That is, until you want to photograph small details up close. Easy-Macro makes the camera that you use the most even better by giving it macro super powers. And the best part is: Easy-Macro works with your phone, no matter what model and even works over your favorite case. Easy-Macro lets you take amazingly-detailed photos without ever getting in your way. No compromises. Ever.

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